48,000 Btu Light Commercial Ductless - Floor / Ceiling Fan Coils + DC Inverter Air Conditioner- Heat Pump -16 SEER-220 V

48,000 Btu Light Commercial Ductless - Floor / Ceiling Fan Coils + DC Inverter Air Conditioner- Heat Pump -16 SEER-220 V
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Klimaire DC inverter driven variable speed ductless air conditioners and heat pumps are reliable, quieter and easy to install, as well as affordable.
They can be installed quickly, economically, and conveniently. Klimaire INVERTECH 180ยบ sine wave DC inverter technology adopts the new advanced twin cam compressor that increases the performance and durability.
They can slow down or speed up at the proper revolution to provide the required capacity.
When maximum capacity is not needed compressor revolution and the power input decrease, increasing the system efficiency that translates into more energy savings.
With this system temperature fluctuations are minimized to increase the comfort level compare to fixed speed on/off cycling mini-split units.
Klimaire Turbo function will maximize the output of cooling or heating operation achieving the desired temperature in the shortest time.
Klimaire dry mode function with the INVERTECH technology removes moisture and control humidity level more efficiently, especially during hot, sticky, muggy weather.

Inverter Technology:
Like a cruise control of a vehicle Inverter technology varies the compressor speed based on cooling and heating needs in the space.
Variable speed enables to precisely match the system capacity to actual load requirements.
Instead of shutting off once the desired temperature is reached, it allows the compressor to continue to operate at low speed to maintain the set temperature.


The KUIM unique decorative and versatile design allows the unit to be suspended from
the ceiling or placed low on the wall or simply placed on the floor. Extremely quiet, and rugged
construction makes it ideal for areas of heavy traffic and public areas .They are perfect for
residential or commercial applications.

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