9,000 Btu Daikin 18 SEER Ductless Mini Split Inverter Air Conditioner System - 208-230 Volt

 9,000 Btu Daikin 18 SEER Ductless Mini Split Inverter Air Conditioner System - 208-230 Volt
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Daikin is not just concerned with how comfortable their systems make you feel - but how comfortable you feel about their systems. Instead of large condensing units with noisy compressors and large duct work, Daikin systems are comprised of small, easily located outdoor units and a connected pair of refrigerant lines.  

These lines slide into a small 3-inch opening through a wall or ceiling connecting to a wall-mounted or a slim built-in indoor unit. There are few electrical connections to make, so your contractor can install your system in a minimal amount of time — in many cases, on average, in a single day’s work. The compact and lightweight design, combined with the long, flexible piping and wiring, make installation a snap.

Whether you're planning an add-on or new construction, Daikin Split Systems will keep you comfortable. Wireless or wired (optional) remote controllers on all models and include temperature control, a timer and other functions. You also have your choice of wall mounted or slim built-in fan coil units.  


  • Pulse Amplitude Modulation Technology (PAM) is one of the keys to Daikin’s success in producing systems that offer high power while maintaining excellent energy efficiency. The PAM Control reduces energy loss by controlling how often the converter switches on and off.
  • Wide Angle Louvers
  • Vertical Auto Swing (up and down)
  • Comfortable Mode
  • Indoor Unit Quiet Operation
  • Program Dry FunctionAuto Fan Speed
  • Mold Proof Air Filter
  • Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic
  • Air Purifying Function
  • Wipe clean Flat Panel
  • Econo Mode
  • Powerful Operation
  • Remote Controller with backlit display
  • LCD Wireless Remote Control
  • Indoor Unit On/Off Timer
  • 24 Hour On/Off Timer
  • Night Set Mode
  • Auto Restart after Power Failure
  • Self Diagnosis with Digital Display
  • Anti-corrosion Treatment of Outdoor Heat
- See more at: http://www.heatandcool.com/ductless-mini-splits/9-000-btu-daikin-18-seer-ductless-mini-split-inverter-air-conditioner-system-208-230-volt.html#sthash.Su2g047H.dpuf

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