60,000 Btu 13 SEER Klimaire Decorative Ceiling or Floor Mounted Ductless Air Conditioner System 220 Volt

 60,000 Btu 13 SEER Klimaire Decorative Ceiling or Floor Mounted Ductless Air Conditioner System 220 Volt
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13 SEER A/C System - 60.000 btu/h

DRY Condensing Unit
The 13 SEER Series unit is the outdoor air conditioning element in a versatile climate-control system designed to créate perfect comfort. It is constructed with a matching indoor coil component from Midea Unitary Products. This multi-functional, high-efficiency system meets all of your needs while offering industry-leading quality and unmatched value.

Can be charged with either R-22, or R-407C, or R-421 refrigerant gas types as you wish. (Pre-charged with nitrogen gas).


  • The compressor is protected against high/low pressure and temperatures by a factory-installed high/ low pressure switch and a temperature sensor which protects the compressor if undesirable operating conditions occur.
  • The factory-installed discharge muffler helps insure quiet and stable operation.
  • The low-pressure service valve provides easy access for service and installation.
  • The factory-installed accumulator protects the compressor against liquid slugging.
  • Crankcase heater that can protect the compressor from low ambient temperatures or refrigerant migration.
  • High condenser coil temperature protection (127° F)
  • High-quality condenser coils with inner-groove copper pipe and high-efficiency aluminum fin which absorbs the condensation water for máximum heat exchange.
  • Anti-rust: painted galvanized steel cabinet, 1000 hours' salt spray test
  • The operating ambient temperature range is : AC 64-109° F; HP 14-109° F.

Floor / Ceiling Air Handling unit


  • Timer Tunction
  • Auto Swing Function
  • Auto Re-start Function
  • Self Diagnostic
  • Sleep Mode Function
  • Washable Air Filter
  • LCD Display
  • Independent Dehumidification
  • 24 Volts Safety Control

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