5 Ton 60,000 BTU Air Conditioner 13 SEER - R22 DRY Condensing Unit

5 Ton 60,000 BTU Air Conditioner 13 SEER - R22 DRY Condensing Unit
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Product Code: MOVA-60C-M13A
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MOVA-60C-M13A - DRY Condensing Unit

The 13 SEER Series unit is the outdoor air conditioning element in a versatile climate-control system designed to créate perfect comfort. It is constructed with a matching indoor coil component from Midea Unitary Products. This multi-functional, high-efficiency system meets all of your needs while offering industry-leading quality and unmatched value.

(Pre-charged with Nitrogen instead of R22)
  • The compressor is protected against high/low pressure and temperatures by a factory-installed high/ low pressure switch and a temperature sensor which protects the compressor if undesirable operating conditions occur.
  • The factory-installed discharge muffler helps insure quiet and stable operation.
  • The low-pressure service valve provides easy access for service and installation.
  • The factory-installed accumulator protects the compressor against liquid slugging.
  • Crankcase heater that can protect the compressor from low ambient temperatures or refrigerant migration.
  • High condenser coil temperature protection (127° F)
  • High-quality condenser coils with inner-groove copper pipe and high-efficiency aluminum fin which absorbs the condensation water for máximum heat exchange.
  • Anti-rust: painted galvanized steel cabinet, 1000 hours' salt spray test
  • The operating ambient temperature range is : AC 64-109° F; HP 14-109° F.

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